Empower young girls and women to identify their goals, utilize their potential, build confidence and live out their life’s purpose. This is the mission of Sade West, motivational and lifestyle blogger. Sade writes for the everyday, hard working, independent woman and the young girl who has dreams and purpose for her life. Sade hopes her blog will help women take initiative toward reaching their goals, living their dreams and  fulfilling their purpose. Sade is passionate about women being able to accomplish their goals, whether it is personal, professional or academic.  This passion sparked when Sade realized one day that she had no purpose in her professional life. She was just working for a paycheck with no aspirations for a future career.This revelation  made Sade want to have more dialogue with women about having goals and purpose in their professional and personal life. This blog is for women and girls who may have a dreams and aspirations but do not necessarily know the steps needed to attain them.